We know that as a hard-working business owner, you run your company with integrity and passion. We also know that sometimes, it can be frustrating when your business doesn’t grow as rapidly as you’d like. Of course, no one cares about your business as much as you and that is why you are always willing to try new ideas to generate more lucrative results. But you can’t do everything on your own; so we are here to help.  

Introducing Nigel James...

Nigel James (CDir) is a business mentor and strategic advisor with a leadership background in staffing & recruitment. Providing strategic advice/mentoring services for small to medium size recruitment businesses, Nigel focuses on working with the existing directors to overcome business challenges. With his expertise and experience, Nigel helps develop suitable growth strategies whilst also improving corporate governance, board development, change & HR strategies, and sales and acquisitions.

Why do you need us?

Is your business growth plateauing or do you have ambitious growth plans for the future but are not sure of the best way to drive those plans forward?

Is your business experiencing poor individual, team, divisional or business performance in your current markets?

As a business owner, are you expected to know everything about your local demographic, competition and what market to diversify into next?

Do you just need someone to bounce ideas off and common sense check important business decisions, whilst always meeting your Director responsibilities?

If so, Aequus Partners can assist

Having grown a start-up business through to sale (multi-million £££ turnover), whilst also providing strategic advice to a number of recruitment businesses, Aequus Partners focuses on the entire business from top to bottom; measuring against the company objectives to complete its business review. Once complete, the results are combined to create a full, integrated growth programme; enabling the business to push forward, develop a plan for a quick and effective turnaround whilst supporting owners and management in learning new markets in a format which can then be used to develop new revenue streams and headcount growth.

Make sure your business is not the one missing out by calling us today for a no obligation, FREE strategy meeting to discuss your plans and see how we can put you on the path to growth and success.

What They Say


"Nigel’s mentoring has helped enormously. He has taken the trouble to get to know our business and understands the issues we face and is excellent at asking the right questions and pointing us in the right direction, and each time it has benefitted the business." Andrew Wigford, Managing Director TIC Recruitment Limited


“I would describe Nigel as being fully competent in his role as Director (underpinned by the application of his Chartered Director status). As a leader he demonstrates integrity and credibility in equal measure." Jean Church, Managing Director 2Win Consulting Limited


"Nigel was instrumental in three challenging projects across the UK with private clients along with helping us internally improve processes, reporting and measurements to ensure we maximized the opportunity for our clients to improve and grow. I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel in the capacity of Non-Executive Director, Business Advisor and senior lead in client developments." Russell Bennett, Managing Director Recruiter Hub Limited

News updates


Nigel is pleased to announce he is now providing Business Mentoring services to Teachers International Consultancy


Nigel is pleased to be working with Gardener Llewelyn providing Strategic Advice/Mentoring to its Director/Team


Nigel is pleased to announce he is now providing Non Exec consultancy services to Sony UK Technology Centre


Nigel is pleased to announce he is now a Strategic Advisor with Heat Recruitment

Our Services

  • Create strategies to realize the vision
  • Work with existing shareholders to review systems and processes
  • Improve corporate governance procedures
  • Communicate and influence key stakeholders
  • Facilitate staff to use their best capabilities
  • Review activities and budgets
  • Implement strategic change programs/projects
  • Establish priorities and work plans
  • Work with the business to achieve growth plans

Get in touch

Address: Ardwyn, 86 Henfaes Road, Tonna, Neath, Swansea. SA11 3EX
Mobile Telephone: +44 (0)7977 040206
Office Telephone: 0845 519 5876
E-mail: nigel@aequuspartners.co.uk

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